• Mar 8 2017
March 8th / 2017

ControlBox Corp. March 7th, 2017 Miami FL

Golden age for technologic Colossus

Technologic innovation led by big companies, capitalize more than 2.3 billion dollars every year.

Therefore, the technologic success of these big corporations shows that digital era is constantly renewing the market, generating business opportunities that inspire human ingenuity. Beyond the desirable dividends of these huge business that have changed the world, we know that competence between these companies speed up innovation through services that renew old corporative paradigms.

These corporative models help capitalization of technology to increase user’s attention since interaction and services open doors to new virtual worlds. Apple leads the technology market, since in the last trimester with the iPhone 7, sales of mobile phones increased 5% reaching a record of 78.3 million dollars.


Online advertising is the base for brands to generate important incomings, since databases with records of user’s information allow accuracy when we want to find our target, in this way advertisement is easily shown to customers really interested.

Brands with higher figures are Alphabet with 20% more advertising and Facebook with 80%, this figures let us know the purchasing power generated by advertisement in social media.

This information taken from www.expansion.com