• Oct 4 2016
Sep 3rd / 2016

ControlBox Corp. October 4th, 2016 Miami FL

Three common mistakes that your company must avoid

By identifying some of the following symptoms you can help to mitigate potential risks that might cause a negative impact on your business.

1. Not listening to your customers
Pretending to know your customers is one of the mistakes that will guide you directly to failure. Investigate and study the profile of your target audience. This will prevent your customers from considering going with your competitors.

2. Faulty communication
It's not a mystery that sharing and updating new information is prone to cause misunderstandings. The short delivery times are the main enemies because of the rush and pressure. Use agile methods of prevention, identification, analysis and control. This will help to ensure timely and effective communication to your company.

3. Saying "yes" when you should say "no"
Saying yes to all the requirements of your customers can be counterproductive and dangerous. Knowing the qualities and technical defects of all your employees will allow you to identify their knowledge skills and also the ones that still need to be developed. This can be done either through training or business training courses.

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Jairo Saavedra